Saturday, December 19, 2015

Funny Weather in Hobart

Towering over 1250m above the city of Hobart, Mt Wellington / kunanyi is generally 10 degrees cooler.  Check out the BoM snapshot of conditions while I was on the Pinacle late in the afternoon.
I wonder how often Hobart and the mountain record identical temperatures as shown above.  In fact the summit defeated the capital in a battle for daily maximum honours yesterday as Hobart only managed to crawl 0.9 degrees above its 4:00am minimum.
 My tour enjoyed sunny contions at Russell Falls, Lake Dobson and Bonorong Wildlife Park but our return to Hobart was greeted with gloomy low cloud.  Much to our delight, we broke through above the cloud just above The Chalet.  Generally the summit is crowded in fine sunny conditions.  Instead we basked in the sunshine in relative isolation.  Up above the cotton wool we almost had the mountain to ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

Notice the wind speed and direction are quite different.