Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I'm sitting atop a sandstone buttress part way up taytitikitheeker  (Drys Bluff). Golden whistlers, Tasmanian currawongs and forest ravens are singing to their hearts content. A breeze has sprung up and high level cloud has replaced the blue sky which accompanied the start of my climb.
Looking north east Mounts Arthur and Barrow join Bens Nevis and Lomond on the smoky horizon. Between me and them the rich fertile patchwork quilt is a modern indication of the fertile deposits left by the ancient lake which covered the Cressy district aeons ago.
This is my first time here for a decade and a half. My first time since conservationist Bob Brown bequeathed his property to Bush Heritage Australia for us all to enjoy. Not that we weren't welcome before. Among the new signs it's great to see there is still one which declares, "Trespassers Welcome"!

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