Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mount Field Snow

Soon after today's tour got underway we had an unscheduled stop at Glenlusk to see if we could replicate the sunset shot of 2 days ago.  Trees in the way, bus on the wrong angle and the sunrise just not so speccy.  Conclusion: Dunalley was a special moment.  Trying to replicate special moments ends up somewhat contrived.

Sunrise at Glenlusk
Next stop was Russell Falls, a consistent performer.  "Keep it up RF, visitors and locals alike love it!"

Russell Falls
Had I not been 'working' today I almost certainly would have joined Endorfun's Russell Falls 6km race taking in RF, part of the Tall Trees loop and the Lady Barron Falls circuit.  As I was working I had to make do with watching runners cruise on by and enjoying the extra 'pointers' along the way.

Pointers set up for the Endorfun Russell Falls 6km race.
While admiring the regal regnans the sun put on a show of its own to distract us from the world's tallest flowers. 

Sun shining through the baby regnans.
Next on the itinerary should have been the Lake Dobson Circuit but fresh snow meant no hope of getting the bus all the way up.  With most of my 14 guests having never seen snow it was great watching their enthusiasm as they played in the morning's fresh powder.  It made no difference to them that we had only made it halfway up to our intended destination.


The rest of the day consisted of lunch in a picnic shelter by the open fire, Bonorong Wildlife Park, walking to a scree slope near The Springs (due to Pillinger Drive being closed at that point) and ending the day viewing the inside of a heavy rain cloud from the top of Mt Nelson.

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