Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meredith Range

Mount Meredith
Recently I headed into the Meredith Range.  It was a quick 24 hour trip beginning at a quarry near the Corinna Road at 3pm and following a vehicular track over the Whyte River valley and onto the foothills.  Once the track petered out I followed the watershed between the tributaries of Post Office Creek to one side and Rocky River on the other.

Mount Livingstone

At 7:30pm I reached the first few granite slabs and pitched my tent on a flat one.  The scrub had been consistently mid thigh deep which made progress a little tiring.  After dinner I was treated to a spectacular sunset which bathed the range in a rapidly changing glorious glow.  My photos don't do it justice.  I felt privileged to be there!

In the morning I gave myself a couple of hours to climb toward the range crest.  Time constraints prevented me reaching the crest of the range so I settled for a cool granite peak with house-sized boulders surrounding a scubby summit basin.  As I stood on top the wind changed and a westerly sprung up which, if I was drinking coffee, would be threatening to blow the milk out of it.

Meredith granite
On the way back I reached the track just in time for heavy rain to set in.  It was very cool to have done all the scrub walking in the dry.  By 3pm I was back at my car and, for a change of scenery, I drove home via the 'Road to Nowhere' (aka Western Explorer).

I strongly recommend this walk for anyone who has a fairly good sense for off-track walking.  I'm looking forward to a longer trip next time.For more pics, check out my Facebook album here.

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