Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mount Wellington

Zig Zag Track near the summit of Mount Wellington

I have never lived in Hobart but if I did, I would love Mt Wellington on my doorstep. Recently when Mrs TasTrekker had a workshop at the university, I took the opportunity to be dropped at the summit ready for a leisurely downhill trot.

Mount Wellington's Organ Pipes

While there are probably more interesting and obscure walks on the mountain, I am a Wellington Walks newbie so I picked what looked like the most direct route down stringing as many features together as I could. I'm organising a camp for people heading to Tassie from all over Australia in a few months time so this was a test-drive for one of their activities.

Sphinx Rock

My selected route took me down the Zig Zag Track from the summit. As I left the howling wind and frozen puddles behind, the track soon lived up to its name. Before too long, I diverted onto the Organ Pipes Track for closer inspection of the dolerite columns so many Hobartians must take for granted.

The Octopus Tree

The Sawmill Track then took me down to Strickland Falls via short detours to Rock Cabin (not really worth the detour), Sphinx Rock (kinda cool on top but even cooler underneath where some rock climbers were dangling from the overhang) and the Octopus Tree.

Strickland Falls

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