Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mount Maurice

Looking over Scoparia and tarns on Mount Maurice toward Ben Nevis and Ben Lomond in Tasmania's north eastern highlands.

I strongly recommend a trip up this diminutive peak in Tassie's north east. It is a rounded knob perhaps 500 metres in diameter and rising a mere 100 metres above the surrounding Maurice High Plains making it virtually impossible to see from any of the valleys below. Despite this, Mount Maurice commands spectacular views to the surrounding area.

Old track start on Maurice Road.

On my first trip a few years ago, I climbed via Knights Road from the Diddleum Plains (south west) side of the peak as described in "The Abels." To my surprise, when I reached the summit, there were star picket track markers heading away in the opposite direction. When I checked the map later, it shows a track climbing from Maurice Road to the south east.

Mounts Victoria and Albert from the scoparia adorned Mount Maurice.

On 3rd January this year, I tackled Maurice Road from Ringarooma to find it was just 4-wheel-drivable for the 7km section where it climbs a ridge from Trenah. It is still possible to follow the overgrown walking track but I would not recommend it to anyone who is not experienced in off track walking.

Moon rocks!

My 3yo son was my only company for this trip and I convinced him to join me (on my back) by talking about the moon rocks on the summit. As an avid Lunar Jim fan, he was quite impressed with the cratered granite dykes which scatter a section of the summit. The mountain was ablaze with scoparia on top which we thought looked like an enormous giant's garden. The waratah on the lower slopes were also very impressive.

Waratah in bloom.

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Peter Franklin said...

Was going to attempt Maurice earlier this year but weather was not suitable, so will try again in 2010.

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